Create an automated lifecycle that retargets players with a secondary communication channel.

In order to take advantage of this template, you'll need to integrate the following;

  • Login Events

  • Payment Events

You'll also need the following segmentation enabled;

  • Login Activity - Last Login Date with Time Since option enabled

Read here for more information about integrations;

Payments in Real-Time Data

Login in Real-time Data

How to Use This Template

You already know that even in small segments not all players are exactly the same. Automatically retarget players who don't respond to your initial offers with a different channel, communication style, or reward.

We've compiled a selection of successful retention strategies for you to incorporate into your Multi-Channel Retargeting lifecycle.

📅 The Right Moment

Target your players at the right moment. Set the next activity to fire if a player doesn't take action on a specific offer.

Follow up your campaign with a Multi-Channel retargeting lifecycle to help drive home your message.

Entry Conditions: This lifecycle has no built-in entry conditions.

Define exactly what offer you want to target and trigger communication or next actions if a player did not log in on-site.

For example: Send an SMS 3 hours after an email to all players who did not deposit yet

Players exit the lifecycle on two conditions;

Successful Deposit OR 1 day since lifecycle entry


🥇 Real-Time Engagement Channels

Take this opportunity to engage with your players across different engagement channels. If your player doesn't read emails, then sending an email isn't likely to get your message across.

Real-Time Engagement Channels:

  • Email

  • SMS

  • On-Site Notification

  • Rich Inbox

  • Push Notification


Next Actions

Automate your weekly cashback and save precious time on calculating and crediting the right amounts to the right players.

Return a percentage of the loss, or bet, back to your players after they have played on-site during a particular time frame.