What is an Automated Activity?

An Automated Activity could also be described as a rolling or recurring Activity or Campaign. This is an activity that will not be triggered on an individual specific date and time and can occur more than once.

✨ Example: Every Friday you want to send an email advertising a specific offer to the same segment.

If you want to learn how to set up a Specific Date & Time activity, then read here for more information.

πŸ› β€ Setting up an activity is almost as easy as your ABC's. You work your way from the top to the bottom adding whatever is required for each and every component. Once you have understood all of these components you will be able to master how to set up an activity.

If you haven't already, make sure to read about the four main components of an activity before you get started.


β€‹βš‘β€ TRIGGERS​

β€‹πŸ‘«β€ SEGMENTS​

β€‹πŸŽ¬β€ ACTIONS​

We also strongly recommend that you read the section about scheduled actions.

Why would you use an Automated Activity?

Sometimes we have communications or campaigns that we would like to run on a recurring basis. By automating an activity you can save time and effort from having to set up the same activity multiple times.

πŸ› β€ Setting up an Automated Activity

What differs in the set up of an Automated Activity from a Specific Date & Time Activity are the Firing Conditions and the Trigger. These two main components need to be set up accordingly, whilst the last two main components, Segments and Actions, would keep the same logic as always.

Let's get started.

For this example, we will set up a recurring Email and Free Spins offer for our VIPs:

  • When do we want to send it? Every Friday at 16:00 UTC until the end of the year

  • Who do we want to target? All Super VIPs

  • What would we like to do? - Send the players an email wishing them Happy Friday and including the following offer: - Credit players 5 Free Spins on the game Gonzo's Quest Megaways on the next login within 24 hours

Now when know what our Automated Activity should look like, we can start setting it up.

✏️ Naming your Activity

You probably already have an internal way of naming your campaign and send-outs, so we would suggest that you continue doing the same with your activities. If not, you can simply give your activity a name that reflects what it contains.

Basically, a short summary so that you, and your team, can quickly identify what the activity is set up to do.

Naming your activity

Naming your activity

πŸ” Type of Activity

We'd like to run this activity more than once and therefore we should select Recurring/Automated activity and follow the prompts below.

Type of Activity

Type of Activity

πŸ“†β€ Firing Conditions

Since we want to run the activity on multiple occasions, with the possibility to target the same players multiple times, we want to set the "Fire time(s) per user" to unlimited. We could also calculate how many Fridays there would be until the end of the year and enter this number instead, however, to make it easy - unlimited makes the works as well.

Since we want to run with the activity every Friday until the end of the year, we set the "Starting From" date/time to begin just before the first Friday that we want it to go live and we set the "Ending On" date/time at the end of the year.

Firing Conditions

Firing Conditions

Naturally, we would like to track the conversion of this activity. Since the offer would be valid 24 hours, each time it triggers every Friday, this would be the most logical option to chose as the conversion period.

🧠‍ Note: For every time the main trigger fires the conversion tracking would start again, for the following 24 hours (or 48 hours if this was the selected conversion period). This means that every Friday you can check the data collected from that specific day, all from the same activity.

βš“β€ Deep dive:

​⛩‍ "Opening the gates":

See the "Starting From" and "Ending On" times and dates as a gate that opens and closes.

Looking at the main trigger of an activity, this trigger will fire at any point when it gets the chance, but can only do so while the gate is open.

In this specific example, the trigger would fire at any time when it is both Friday and the clock strikes 16:00 UTC, once again, only while the gate is open.

⚑ Trigger

For the trigger we want it to be set up to fire on Fridays at 16:00 UTC:



🧠‍ Note: It’s important that we link these rules together with an β€œAND” when setting up the above trigger. Because this means that we're creating a time-event where all three rules together must be true for it to fire; It can only fire on Fridays when it's 16:00 UTC sharp.

Segment and Actions

We create our segment or re-use the segment if it has been set up before: Super VIPs

Lastly, we add our actions: Send Email Credit Bonus Code (5 Free Spins)

As mentioned at the start of this section, the segment and actions are set up like in any activity. So, we won't be digging deeper into these components on this page. However, if you would like to get more information about them you can read more here:


β€‹πŸŽ¬β€ ACTIONS

The Result

With all the components set up, we're done! This is how the whole activity would look like:

Automated activity fully set-up

Automated activity fully set-up

🧠‍ Note: An automated activity can be paused at any time, simply by disabling it. If you'd like to start running it again you just enable it. Easy!