DC1 to DC2 is an onboarding lifecycle to lead a player from their first deposit to their second deposit.

In order to take advantage of this template, you'll need to integrate the following;

  • Payment Events

Read here for more information about integrations;

Payments in Real-Time Data

How to Use This Template

Use this template to create a seamless flow in the critical early stages of a player's journey with you and move them to their second deposit.

We've compiled a selection of successful onboarding strategies for you to incorporate into your DC1 to DC2 lifecycle.

⌛ Time Based Re-Targeting

The DC1 to DC2 lifecycle comes with the following during events already defined;

  • 1 Day After (lifecycle entry)

  • 2 Days After (lifecycle entry)

The first communication with your new customer is crucial. Retarget new players at regular intervals as you guide them to their second deposit.

Example: Here's one way to do it;

1 Day After - Email with details of the second welcome offer

2 Days After - Follow up email and on-site notification regarding second offer

We don't want to communicate immediately on lifecycle entry as players will have just received communication from their NRC to NDC lifecycle.

If you want help in adding or removing events, check here;


đŸĻļ Multi-Step Offers

Onboarding strategies can be tricky, especially as we don't know much about our players' likes and dislikes yet. Multi-step strategies are perfect for generating interest and leading players to conversion as well as educating new players about what you have to offer. Introduce them to all aspects of your site during the onboarding journey.

Incorporate different offers and try a variety of techniques to get your players on board.

Option 1: Increase the welcome offer after X days of the player being in your lifecycle without making their second deposit.

Option 2: Change the offer type, from free spins to reload, for example, to see what your players find more attractive.

🎛ī¸ Multi-Channel Targeting

Multi-channel marketing campaigns are more in-depth and user-friendly than those that are focused on a single avenue. They allow you to build on a theme across channels and truly discover what players prefer. During this crucial initial stage where loyalty is built, welcome newly registered players with personalised offers and messaging.

Speak to your players in a way that they understand, appreciate and respond to.

Example: Join a primary communication channel with a secondary channel.

Try an email1 day after lifecycle entry and then an SMS 2 days after, to drive home your message.

This is good practice for any campaign, not only your onboarding lifecycles.

🔔 On-Site Notifications

On-site notifications are a powerful marketing tool that enables us to create unique opportunities for building real-time connections with your players. Deliver targeted and personalised messages.

Encourage and accelerate conversion actions such as first time purchases or deposits by speaking to your players at the right time. Use on-site notifications by hand-holding the player to get to know your site.

🔘 Multiple Bonuses

Not everyone likes the same things and different offers attract different players to your site. Offer your players multiple bonuses and give them a choice.

Understanding your player preferences is powerful data that can be used to keep players loyal and returning to your site.

Example: Offer a player multiple bonuses in the DC1 to DC2 lifecycle and see which one converts the best.

❎ Action Failed Deposits

Automate on-site messaging to guide your players to support when their deposit fails, or provide additional information, so they know you are there to help.

Example: Add a Custom Event to your onboarding lifecycle to allow you to interact with players if they have a failed deposit.

Or set-up a Failed Deposit Intervention Lifecycle to capture those players having trouble and guide them to support.

ℹī¸ Offers Based on Acquisition Source

Take advantage of the small amount of knowledge and data we know about our players in these early stages. Easily run different acquisition offers based on their preferred product, affiliate or marketing source.

Now you can have all your communication for each core market together in one lifecycle, accommodating all your acquisition sources. Players that come to your site from affiliate programmes should probably receive an improved welcome offer. Easily manage this from within the lifecycle by splitting the audience.

Example: Here's one way to do it;

Affiliate X - 100 Frees Spins on game x on first deposit

Affiliate Y - 100% up to â‚Ŧ50 on first deposit

Affiliate Z - 100% up to â‚Ŧ100 on first deposit

All other players - All players that are not part of an affiliate reference will receive the standard welcome offer, 50 Free Spins on game x on the first deposit

Split the Audience

Split the Audience

Next Actions

Set up a DC2 to DC3 onboarding journey to capture players leaving this lifecycle and lead them to their next deposit.

The entry conditions of DC2 to DC3 and the exit conditions of DC1 to DC2 should be the same. This will ensure that the player continues on their automated journey.