What Is Lifecycles?

Lifecycles is a visual editor designed to enable us to easily orchestrate activities with a shared objective. It breaks down the barriers of automation by making it safe and easy to build, test and evolve player engagement.
It takes the same principles as an Activity; with a trigger, segment and actions and then does the hard part for us. Making it possible to see where activities are related and how they affect one another.
Not only that, it enables us to influence the player at the right moment, without events having a direct dependency on each other or needing to occur in a given order.

How Can I Use The Templates?

When creating a new lifecycle, you can take advantage of our templates for inspiration.
  1. Open Lifecycles from the CRM Menu
  2. Select New Lifecycle
  3. Select a Template
If you're not sure about the best way to use a template, click on More Info from the template and follow the guide. The guide will give you information about how best to use the template and some strategies to implement for maximum results.

Why Are Some Templates Unavailable?

It's possible that you do not have access to all of the templates 😭
To use certain lifecycles, you may need to upgrade your integration. In most cases this is easily resolved by adding new segmentation fields, however, it might also be that you are not sending the related data in the live data feed.
Contact your account manager if you require more information.

Can I Build a Custom Lifecycle?

Of course! We have provided lots of templates to act as inspiration and to get you started on your automation journey. But we understand that soon enough you'll want to create your own masterpiece.
Select the Build From Scratch template and go wild!
Build from Scratch
Build from Scratch

Can I Change the Name of the Lifecycle?

Yes! The Lifecycle name can be changed at any time and from any status. It does not matter if the lifecycle have versions in production.
The Lifecycle version name can only be changed whilst the version is In Dev. It is not possible to change the version name once the version has been sent to QA.

Can I Edit an Activated Lifecycle?

Yes! Once your lifecycle is live it is possible to edit the entry conditions or to stop the lifecycle.
However, if you want to edit the content of the lifecycle then it is best to clone instead. The idea is that if your current lifecycle version needs editing, it should be cloned and edited in a new version rather than making changes to an existing version.
We've made it super easy to create new and clone versions of lifecycles so that you can make new rather than edit existing lifecycles.

Why Can't I Select Existing Segments for Lifecycles?

When setting up the lifecycle segmentation and when splitting the audience, you can only create new segments. It is not possible to select already existing segmentation. Here are some great reasons why;
  1. Each segment is unique and only used in one place within lifecycles
  2. You cannot find your lifecycle segmentation anywhere else, only inside lifecycles
  3. That means you cannot accidentally make edits to segmentation that is in use inside a lifecycle
  4. All of the above means that you have good segment hygiene!
Read more about lifecycle segmentation here;

Can I Change the Lifecycle Structure After Defining Activities?

You can switch between working on the structure and working on the activities, saving as you go.
However, if you make changes to the structure after you have already defined the activities, the activities will be deleted and the changes will override the original set-up.
We recommend that you work on the structure first and then move on to the activities. Of course, you might think of something that needs changing later, in which case, remember to save 💪