🛂‍ Control Groups

Before you go ahead and launch your lifecycle version into production, the last decision you need to make is, if you want to add a control group to your lifecycle version.

Adding a control group to your lifecycle version will perform exactly as it would when you - by ensuring that a random selection of players within the lifecycle version will not receive any player engagement.

Example: You want to add a 10% control group to your lifecycle version.

This means that 10% of the players that enter inside the lifecycle version will receive no communication or player engagement but will move through the lifecycle and exit upon meeting the exit event criteria.

Here's how to add the control group;

  1. After the QA process and you have Approved your lifecycle version

  2. You'll find the version in Ready status, under Lifecycle Versions in Ready

  3. Click to open the version you wish to add the control group to

  4. Select Control Group to switch it to ON

  5. The % will display 10% by default. Adjust the number until you are happy and Save.

Add a control group
Add a control group

Note: Players inside the control group will still be affected by the lifecycle ending event.

Therefore, if the lifecycle ending event is Successful Deposit, the player inside the control group will still exit the lifecycle version upon Successful Deposit.

🚀 Ready For Launch

OK, you have built and QA'd your lifecycle! In order to filter players into it, you need to launch it. This is the process of confirming a number of steps;

  1. Prepare for Launch

  2. Choose which version(s) players should be assigned to

  3. Confirm the Firing Conditions (the number of times you want each user to be able to enter the lifecycle)

  4. Confirm the lifecycle Trigger and Segment

  5. QA all of the above steps

  6. Verify and Launch

Launch lifecycle
Launch lifecycle

Tip: You can still make changes to the lifecycle trigger and segment whilst the lifecycle is ready and waiting to launch.

Once the lifecycle is launched you will see a green panel and a green blinking light to let you know that it's live.

Lifecycle is running
Lifecycle is running


Perfect for adding a new version or making a small change without having to interrupt your current lifecycle.

Read more about how to edit your lifecycle .