Show your players that you appreciate their loyalty with a lifecycle that rewards players that come to the site every day for up to 7 days.

In order to take advantage of this template, you'll need to integrate the following;

  • Login Events

  • Payment Events

You'll also need to have the following segmentation enabled;

  • Last Log-in Date segmentation with Time Since option enabled

Read here for more information about integrations;

Payments in Real-Time Data

Login in Real-time Data

How to Use This Template

Use this template to reward players who log in on consecutive days for a week. Credit loyalty points, virtual currency, or bonuses for daily login. Players will stop being eligible for offers if they fail to log in one of the days.

Here's how to make the most out of this template.

💰 Consecutive Login

The idea of this 7-day campaign is for you to lead the player to the site every day for 7 days. Not only does this encourage loyalty but allows you to communicate with your players on-site and to reward with varying degrees of generosity.

Consecutive Login

Players will exit the lifecycle on two conditions;

  • 8 days since lifecycle entry (the end of the campaign)


  • 2 days since the last login

Players who fail to log in on one of the 7 days will be removed from the lifecycle and no longer eligible for rewards


🥇 Real-Time Rewards

Take this opportunity to engage with your players. Encourage them to your site and lead them to deposit. Offer scaling rewards to your loyal customers.

Players still inside the lifecycle on day 6 or 7 deserve a more generous offer to keep them coming back.


Day 1 - Freespin Offer

Gradually increasing and leading up to

Day 7 - Cash Bonus

A variety of offers will be more appealing to your players.

Real-Time Rewards:

  • Bonuses

  • Gamification Tokens

  • Loyalty Points

  • Personal Jackpots


💐 Offer Generosity

We recommend that you combine additional criteria such as factors to measure player value. This guarantees that you will reach the maximum effectiveness of your campaigns.

Offer Generosity;

  • Value Segmentation

  • Player NGR

  • Previous Player Behaviour

  • Average Deposit Amount

Value Segmentation

Value Segmentation

🔔 On-Site Notifications

On-site notifications are a powerful marketing tool that enables us to create unique opportunities for building real-time connections with your players. Deliver targeted and personalised messages.

Encourage and accelerate conversion actions such as first time purchases or deposits by speaking to your players at the right time. Use on-site notifications to hand-hold the player to get to know your site.

Next Actions

Keep going with your automation. Why not try to set up lifecycles to engage with players when they are on-site. Take advantage of real-time data and interact when players are most receptive.

Try any of our on-site experience lifecycles;

  • Provider Boost

  • In-Game Win Achievements

  • Failed Deposit Intervention

  • Low Balance Intervention