๐Ÿ“– Open Activity Dashboard

The Activity Dashboard gives you a clear overview of all outgoing activities and lifecycles.
Adjust the time period to have a detailed day-to-day view and even check the metrics of your latest campaign right here.
We've made it our start page so that it's super easy to find!

๐Ÿ“† Active Dashboard vs Operations / Planning

With so many things going on, it's easy to lose track of all the little details that come with a campaign. Plan your time better and keep track of deadlines with the calendar overview.
This dashboard is divided into Active Dashboard (live) and Operations/Planning (in development);

Active Dashboard

The active dashboard gives you access to all your active or ended activities and lifecycles within a selected time period.


Keep an eye on all activities and projects in the development stage, as well as activities that are waiting to be quality assured from within a selected time period.

Planned Sendouts

Planned Send-Outs will show you any activities and their respective project, within a selected time period. This does not include any activity that has a duration of more than one week.
If you view the Planned Send-Out Dashboard from the Active Dashboard view, you will see any activities or specific date and time lifecycles that are in production or that have a start or end date within the time period.
View the Planned Send-Out Dashboard from the Operations/Planning Dashboard, to see any activities in development or waiting for QA that have a start or end date within the time period.
See the date, time, and status of each activity in the selected time period. Click on any project in the list and it will expand to show you all the activities in the project.
Planned Dashboard
Planned Dashboard
The status of an activity is represented by the colour it appears in the agenda;
  1. Green for active activities or activities that have ended and are enabled
  2. Blue for activities waiting for QA
  3. Black for inactive activities, including activities in In Dev and disabled
Specific Date and Time Lifecycles can be found on the active Planned Sendouts dashboard. The status of the lifecycle is also represented by the colour it appears on the agenda;
  1. Green for active/running/in progress Specific Date and Time lifecycles
  2. Blue for lifecycles that are scheduled and in production but did not yet fire
  3. Red for lifecycles that have ended and processed all players
The pink circle displays how many activities inside the project are displayed in the selected time period and โ—indicates that you have an activity live and in production that has not been QA'd.

โฐ Time Period

Find what you want quickly by selecting your preferred time period. See what happened yesterday, what's going on today, and what will happen tomorrow for a detailed day-to-day view. Or maybe you need an overview of the whole month to assist with CRM planning.
Select the overview you want to see
Select the overview you want to see
๐Ÿง  Note: Improve overall organisational performance with the ability to look back at the last month. See into the future with the option to see next month's planning.

๐Ÿ“Š Performance Summary

Manage the performance of your team and achieve those KPI's by keeping an eye on the numbers.
Witness first-hand the fruits of your labour by clicking an activity to see the finer details and metrics of the campaign. You'll find out campaign specifics including;
  1. Actions within an activity
  2. Receiving Markets (Communication Channels used)
  3. Segment
  4. Quantity of audience delivered to
  5. Amount in deposits during the conversion period
Performance summary
Performance summary
From the Activity Performance Summary you can also navigate to; View Conversion to open up the Conversion Dashboard, View Activity to open the activity, or Go To Project to redirect to the project where the selected activity belongs.
Activity Performance Summary
Activity Performance Summary


Under the Active Dashboard, you can find a list of all your active Lifecycles. This means any lifecycle project with at least one version live or in production will be visible here.
Navigate to your desired lifecycle project directly from the dashboard. You'll find each lifecycle category along with an indication of how many active lifecycle projects belong in each.
Active Lifecycles
Active Lifecycles
Active Lifecycles
From the Lifecycles dashboard, we can hover over the project and access the lifecycle project, conversion results and clone, delete or archive the project.

Ongoing Activities

An overview of your Ongoing Activities is available from the Active Dashboard. This is a list of all activities that are currently active during the selected time period. There are no filters applied to this dashboard, meaning you get a full overview of all active activities that could be targetting your players during this time period.
From the dashboard; get a quick overview of what's running, the actions inside the activity, the runtime and the number of times the activity has fired.
Ongoing activities
Ongoing activities
โœจ What's the difference between the Ongoing Activities dashboard & Planned Send-Outs?
Ongoing Activities displays all currently active activities within your selected time period without exception. This gives you a full list of all active activities that are going out to your players.
Planned Send-Outs will display active activities (and their project) within the selected time period, excluding activities that are active for more than 7 days.

๐Ÿ—‚ Projects

The Projects dashboard show you exactly which projects are working for you in the selected time period. Focus on only the projects you need to.
Projects in use in the selected time period
Projects in use in the selected time period
At a glance, you can see how many activities belong to each status within the project.
๐Ÿง™โ€โ™‚๏ธ Tip: Easily delve into the project, just one click away, to make any edits or modifications.

โœ… Pending QA

Upcoming activities pending QA or Activation are right here to make sure nothing goes out to the customer before it's absolutely perfect.
The overview displays only the activities in the selected time period so you don't get bogged down with unnecessary information. This is to give attention to the activities that need attention, as theyโ€™re soon supposed to go live.
Activties pending QA
Activties pending QA
๐Ÿง  Note:
Activities displayed in this dashboard are;
  1. Activities that have been sent to the QA portal and are not enabled &
  2. Activities that have been signed-off from QA but not yet activated
Activities that are already enabled or activities with an end date that has already passed will not be visible from this dashboard.