Overview of LINE

We’ve built an action service to manage direct messaging through LINE using the LINE Messaging API channel. The service supports:

  • Text messages

  • Images

The service requires a LINE User ID which will be used to target the player. A player is required to add the clients LINE Official Account as a “friend” and this will act as consent.

If you're is using the LINE login feature, it will be set up as a separate channel under the same provider account.

Steps to setup LINE

  1. Create a LINE Official Account (LINE OA).

  2. Setup a LINE Messaging API channel, set up from the LINE back-office.

    • Require front-end support to allow players to "befriend" your LINE OA, which needs to be linked to the Messaging API Channel.

    • Provide Fast Track with the following credentials:

      • Channel secret

      • Channel ID

      • Assertion Key

  3. Integrate LINE User ID with FT CRM.

    • Obtained through a webhook on LINE.

    • This should be added in your /userdetails response, please see example below.

Example response expected in ⬇️ GET /userdetails/:userid