Lottomart went live with Fast Track CRM in March 2020. With the new capabilities offered by the platform and an updated marketing strategy, they more than doubled their active player base over the following 4 months.

Keeping the future in focus

Lottomart is not your average operator. Angelo Saracino, Head of CRM, explained that they are one of very few online gambling operators that works with an ecommerce model. Players on Lottomart’s site (or app) buy lottery tickets and top up their accounts via cart purchase. Not only that, but Lottomart defines itself as a “slottery”operator: they offer both lotto and slots with a focus on serving players who like jackpots and the chance to win big.


Angelo said that while the company is still young, they have a strong vision of what the future of “slottery” looks like for them, with long-term plans for internal jackpots linked to global lotteries and a focus on building and retaining an active player base of jackpot enthusiasts.

This long-term focus is why Lottomart chose to partner with Fast Track. They identified that real-time data and automation were going to be key to their strategy going forward: “We see that as the future of the industry.” They looked at many different third-party providers and decided Fast Track CRM offered the capabilities they were looking for.

The Wishlist

The starting point of any new partnership with Fast Track is a detailed information-gathering process. It is important that our team fully understand what each operator is looking to achieve and what they need in order to get there.

Lottomart had a clear idea of the challenges they wanted to address and the capabilities needed to overcome them. When looking for a solution, their wishlist included:

  1. The ability to engage players in real time
  2. Efficient lifecycle management
  3. The ability to automate many different campaigns and engagements
  4. Full control of their data

Fast Track was able to address these needs by offering:

  1. A platform built on a foundation of real-time data
  2. Fast Track Lifecycles: a visual lifecycle builder
  3. Central orchestration with real-time segmentation and triggers to support the automation of large portions of CRM activity
  4. A flexible, fully customisable data feed that Lottomart could retain full ownership of and add their own data models to.

Data-driven CRM strategy

It was clear from our first conversations that Lottomart is a data-driven organisation and the team understands how to best leverage the data available to them.

Angelo explained that finding a partner who could support them with real-time capabilities was crucial for how they wanted to operate.

He outlined the example of encouraging players to have multiple sessions on their first day with Lottomart: “If I play today, most companies need to wait until the following day to know that I only had one session. With Fast Track, you can set up a segment that captures all players who have had their first session today but have been inactive for the last two or three hours.”

Lottomart can use this to automate different communications and offers to encourage these players to return as soon as they cross the threshold of inactive time.

For Angelo and his team, a successful retention strategy also includes being able to respond in the moment. For example, sending a message if a player has a negative experience, like a session with a lower RTP. This type of engagement is only possible with a rich real-time data feed.

“The possibility to react in real time is what you need to be successful and it’s something Fast Track does really well. This was the main reason we chose Fast Track among many other possible providers.”

Lifecycles and Automated Engagements

As part of their efforts to automate more of their CRM activity, Angelo pointed out that lifecycle engagements were a point of focus for his team: “This is something that we really care about. We want to engage our players consistently based on their preferences and activity. This is obviously not something that can be manually done.”

His team were excited by the possibilities offered by Fast Track’s lifecycle builder and Angelo noted that their plan is to eventually have “an incredible amount” of automated activities that take advantage of Fast Track CRM’s capabilities.

Control of Data

Lottomart enjoys the flexibility of being able to feed their own data models into Fast Track CRM. They are not restricted to predetermined models within the platform and have the ability to add and edit things themselves whenever they like.

“We are building a strategy that includes a lot of data models. Doing it ourselves allows us to easily adjust when we see what works well or not.”

“We are building a strategy that includes a lot of data models. Doing it ourselves allows us to easily adjust when we see what works well or not.”

Feelings about the partnership

When asked how he feels about Fast Track, Angelo was quick to praise the team:

“I’m very, very happy with the approach and the support we have, mainly from Claes and Robert, but also from the whole Fast Track team.”

“He has been impressed by the team’s willingness to help and the support he has received when exploring new ideas and implementing new capabilities.

He added that he was very pleasantly surprised by how “user-friendly, intuitive and easy to manage” the platform is. Angelo also has some ideas about how to make the user experience even better, which he has shared with our team. We are always looking at how we can improve and feedback from our partners is invaluable in that process.

When talking about what’s next, Angelo repeated that real-time data and automation are key to their strategy. Angelo is also looking forward to the roll out of the Singularity, which will allow them to do even more with their data and models: “I can’t wait to get my hands on it and see what we can get out of it.”

We have thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Angelo and the team at Lottomart so far. Their dedication to data-led engagement is impressive and we also can’t wait to see what they do with the Singularity!

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