We began our partnership with Hero Gaming in March 2020. They are now live with over 1600 activities across 8 brands and have seen a 40% increase in total CRM activities each month, without additional headcount.

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The scalability dilemma

Hero Gaming is an operator with a vision: to become the most agile and resource-efficient company in the iGaming industry.

They have a strategy of entering into new markets and creating new brands at pace. To support this, their team needs to be able to deploy successful CRM strategies with short deadlines and without additional resources.

This strategy comes with its challenges. The operational team has to find ways to efficiently manage their growing workload as more brands are launched. Adam Kamiar, Head of Retention at Hero Gaming, perfectly described the choice that many businesses like theirs have to make: “We arrived at the point where we had to decide, do we continue growing the team where we have 3+ CRM managers and 7+ coordinators executing manual campaigns every day with no time for innovation, or do we want to work smarter?”

“We arrived at the point where we had to decide, do we continue growing the team...or do we want to work smarter?”

Adam and his team decided that to free up resources they needed to explore technological solutions that would help them to improve the efficiency of their processes and allow them to implement more automation. The choice now was whether they would look at creating something themselves, or look for a partner who could help them.

Ultimately, they decided to look externally. It was unfeasible for them to spend the same amount of time on building and improving a solution as a specialised third-party provider would be able to. As an operator, it made more sense for them to focus their resources on supporting and improving their core business.

Finding the right solution

Fast Track works closely with any new partner to identify their unique needs and goals. Our mission is to ensure that we deliver a solution that ultimately frees teams up to spend more time on improvement and innovation than simply maintaining the basics. We went through a series of workshops with Hero Gaming to identify the areas where our platform could benefit their business.

Hero Gaming told us that they needed help achieving the following goals for their player engagement:

  1. Automating a larger proportion of their activities to free up the team from manual processes so they could focus more on testing, improvement, and innovation.
  2. Centrally orchestrating all their engagement channels to increase operational efficiency.

During our conversations, it also became clear that we could support their wider business goals by:

  1. Providing an efficient way for them to manage engagements across multiple brands.
  2. Making it as quick and easy as possible to launch with new brands.

We believe the workshopping stage is crucial to ensuring that we deliver a solution tailored to an operator’s individual needs. For Hero Gaming, this means enabling them to be agile and efficient in their approach to player engagement.

“Mainly we were looking for a tool which worked as a one-stop shop for everything CRM. In the end we felt Fast Track had done this best.”

“I have really enjoyed the collaboration with Fast Track. Whatever the project or challenge might have been, Fast Track have always been able to assist us and find solutions when we have needed them.”

Unlocking automation

Automation and central orchestration are key benefits of the Fast Track platform and played a large role in Hero Gaming’s decision to work with us. Luckily, one of their other key goals of managing everything from one central place was exactly the right starting point to begin automating the majority of their engagement agenda.

Hero Gaming are able to coordinate all their activities from within the Fast Track platform. This, combined with a real-time data feed, allows the team to automate engagements based on any event or player behaviour, as well as see the consolidated results of these efforts across different markets and channels.

To manage more complex sets of engagements, the team takes advantage of Fast Track Lifecycles; a visual builder that makes automation even easier.

Efficient multi-brand management

Early on we identified the need for an easy way for the operational team to navigate between different brands while working.

Hero Gaming was the first operator that we worked with that had a strong focus on a multi-brand strategy, and they needed a more efficient way to work across those brands than we had in place.


Thanks to input from Hero Gaming and some creative thinking from our development team, we launched the ‘brand navigation’ feature which allows users to easily switch between the brands they are managing within Fast Track.

This is one of the reasons we love working with partners like Hero Gaming; they are a driving force behind many of our improvement projects. Who is better qualified to guide your roadmap than the people who work with your platform every day?

As well as managing the existing brands, an important consideration for Hero Gaming was how easy it would be to add additional brands and get engagements up and running on them. With a collaborative effort from both sides, the process has been refined and this has become very quick and easy.

Hero Gaming now uses Fast Track to power player engagement across 8 brands.

Bonus: the benefit of alliances

To be successful, operators like Hero Gaming seek partnerships with multiple technology partners. They have identified that sometimes it makes more sense to work with a supplier who has a great solution than to try to create something yourself. However, this can still be a burden on technical teams, with integrations taking valuable resources away from other projects.

Before working with Fast Track, Hero Gaming had started an integration with Enteractive. Once they knew about the Alliance partnership between Fast Track and Enteractive, they decided to integrate through the Fast Track platform.

“This resulted in our integration time dropping significantly which was very impressive.”

This is exactly the reason that we have built relationships with other providers; we know how integrations can consume time and resources. We act as a bridge to allow operators and other suppliers to connect more easily. In this case, we were very happy to have exceeded Hero Gaming’s expectations by removing this additional hurdle for them so that they could begin working with our friends at Enteractive much faster.

So what do the Heroes think of working with Fast Track?

Hero Gaming has been very successful in its adoption of the Fast Track platform. They make use of a wide range of capabilities and having started our partnership with Boom Casino, the team now manages engagement activities for 8 brands through the Fast Track platform.

Working with Fast Track has allowed them to streamline the working process and has removed blockers to their creativity: “The biggest difference is now nothing feels impossible when it comes to CRM.”

Having previously felt like they were held back by the limitations of the tools at their disposal, the team now feel they have the freedom to test, optimise and build on top of learnings.

The ability to automate a large portion of their activity has also meant that the team has been able to be more productive.

In fact, when we took a peak at Hero Gaming’s total activity count we were impressed to see that they currently have over 1600 activities live including Lifecycle Automations, recurring campaigns and on-site engagements. This tells us that they have fully embraced what our platform has to offer and we are very happy to see them succeed.

“We saw a massive 40% increase in total CRM activities each month without needing to increase headcount.”

Above all, we want our partners to feel they have the tools and support to achieve their goals. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Hero Gaming so far and we are glad they seem to like working with us too!

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