Cashmio was looking for a partner to help automate their CRM. They now automate complex flows of engagements for 3 brands on the FT CRM platform.

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The World's Happiest Casino

Cashmio is “the world’s happiest online casino”. This focus on happiness is about creating great experiences for their players and building a strong culture internally.

Since launching their flagship brand in 2016, Cashmio has expanded to Cashmio Group, encompassing other brands such as Buster Banks and SuperNopea. They have consistently explored new and exciting ways to engage their players and continue to promote the “family feeling” within their team.


In 2017, their player engagement capabilities were a source of unhappiness for the CRM team and they began to explore how they could solve this. They recognised they would not be able to achieve their player engagement goals and continue creating great player experiences unless they were able to automate more of their CRM agenda. They began looking for a partner who could provide a user-friendly interface and would allow them to automate as much of their CRM agenda as possible, which would help them achieve their goals.

This led to Cashmio being one of the first brands to license Fast Track CRM. Now, the Cashmio Group has 3 brands live with the platform and is running over 200 activities on the Cashmio brand alone. The team is able to do a month’s work in a week.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Maria Boelius, COO Casino at Spiffbet and Cashmio Co-Founder, and Jennifer Duarte Ceballos, Head of CRM and Casino at Cashmio, for sharing their thoughts on the journey so far and helping us tell their story.

Seeking a Solution for Automation

Cashmio was looking for a platform to help them manage their player engagement. The team had ambitious plans to automate their player lifecycles and other activities.

“The solution we were using prior to working with Fast Track felt like it was made for much larger companies and that you needed 10 years of experience to understand how to use it,” said Maria.

They wanted something more user-friendly that their team could work with to automate more of their engagement.

Cashmio had a clear vision for what they wanted to achieve and the capabilities their new solution would need. In fact, they presented the Fast Track team with a detailed diagram of the first set of automations they wanted to implement for player onboarding.

To achieve their vision they would need detailed segmentation that would be updated in real time, a single place to coordinate all channels, and the ability to take action on player behaviour in the moment. They also wanted a more efficient way to manage their innovative gamification and rewards system: Cashmio has a concept based on crediting bonus “coins” that can release rewards based on different actions.

“We looked at quite a few providers but I liked Fast Track because I felt we were brainstorming everything together.”

Immediate Impact

It took several iterations to perfect the flow of the first automations Cashmio wanted to implement due to its complexity, but the final result was closely matched to what they had designed. This automated onboarding lifecycle included 16 different engagements, from registration through to a player’s third deposit.

Over 30 different real-time events based on player behaviours determined the “path” of each individual player, which included crediting rewards on deposits, reminding them of pending offers after certain periods of time, and adding tags to players to be included in other initiatives based on the path they took.

This produced over 70 possible combinations of communications, rewards and other actions. These engagements were further personalised based on which country the player was from, if they registered through an affiliate, and which welcome offer they took.

Cashmio now automates large portions of their engagement which would have previously required manual updates, and their working process has become more efficient. Overall, working with Fast Track has allowed Jennifer’s team to do more with their time.

“We are able to do more effective work and in a week we can do the work for a full month.”

Learning from Cashmio’s case, Fast Track launched a new automation solution called Lifecycles. It is now much simpler to create the types of complex automation flows that Cashmio was originally looking to achieve, as well as to iterate and improve on them with versioning and A/B testing. Jennifer noted that although they have not yet used all the available templates included with Lifecycles, “so far we see it helps us a lot.”

Collaborating on Coins

Working together has been beneficial for both teams. Fast Track gained a better understanding of how we could use the same foundation of solid tech and real-time data to power completely custom solutions for our partners, and Cashmio got the automation capabilities they were looking for in a user-friendly package.

One of the key initiatives the teams worked on together was “pending bonuses.” This was a custom piece of work that was vital to Cashmio being able to achieve the level of efficiency and automation they were looking for.

At the time the partnership began, FT CRM allowed you to automatically credit bonuses based on real-time events. However, Cashmio wanted to include an additional step: the player should take action to claim any bonus available on their account. Cashmio was early to explore this different way of delivering rewards to players and introduced the concept of “coins” to manage this.

“Coins” could be credited to a player’s account by one event or action and then claimed by the player taking a separate action.

The integration between Cashmio and Fast Track was built as a hybrid, which meant that Fast Track focused on the orchestration and automation, whilst Cashmio had internal systems for the coin engine and CMS. This allowed for Fast Track to pass instructions to Cashmio’s platform to determine which content would be visible on site and when, as well as for events on Cashmio’s front-end to trigger further orchestration in Fast Track’s platform.

In other words, to make the process of creating and crediting “coins” more streamlined, the assets associated with them (images of “locked” and “unlocked” coins) were managed through the Fast Track platform. These could be presented to and claimed by players on-site, based on different actions.

Continued Support

Cashmio asked for a way to make it easier for their team to automate their CRM and we gave them the tools to do this. However, our partnership is not limited to “ticking the box” of delivering a solution; we want to support our partners to get the most out of it.

When asked what they enjoy most about working with Fast Track, Maria and Jennifer agreed that it was “the personal touch and the accessibility of the team.” Maria said that it made a big difference knowing she could call any time and someone would answer, rather than being “stuck in support queues where you don’t really feel looked after.”

Alongside support from the team, Jennifer also spoke about how their feedback and requests are dealt with. She is happy that she always gets a fast response and appreciates that feedback is acted upon.

“If we mention something, you take that feedback and try to solve it. If there is anything we are not sure about you are always there.”

The feeling of being able to access support when you need it is shared by Jennifer. She noted that in addition to the knowledge base, support from the Fast Track team has helped her team to get to grips with new features and train new team members, “Claes one of Fast Track’s Partner Managers has been really helpful.”


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