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Experience next-generation CRM, harnessing the power of AI and Real-Time Data for unparalleled player engagement.

Everything is in Real-time - campaigns, triggers, segmentation, reporting and automation
Deeply embedded AI. Generate content, images, translations and entire campaigns in seconds
Work process makes us 4x more efficient than any other platform
Comprehensive solution to manage multi-brand and regulated markets
Build complex promotional mechanics and automatically release bonuses
Unlimited number of automations and campaigns, with lightning fast send out speeds
Performance dashboards for campaigns, deliverability, engagement, casino and sports
World class service with dedicated partner manager with iGaming experience

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Discover what makes Fast Track unique

Solutions built specifically for iGaming

Unparalleled multichannel and automation capabilities that enhance your CRM strategy. Our platform gives you the tools to outperform the competition, with insights and efficiencies not available from any other engagement platform. In partnership with Bet Construct, let us show you how our CRM can transform your operations and accelerate your growth.

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Helping you scale with success

We have a proven plan that will make you successful !

We understand that every partner is in a different stage in their journey, so we’ve developed a pathway to help each one scale successfully. Our team will be at your side to guide you from planning to implementation, ensuring you’re one step closer to self-learning CRM.
Free-up time!

Free-up time!

Discover how our platform eliminates time-consuming tasks and frees up your team to focus on creativity and innovation.

Scale with Automation!

Scale with Automation!

Fast Track Lifecycles can transform your CRM strategy with powerful automation tools to empower your growth.

Scale by finding Bright Spots!

Scale by finding Bright Spots!

The most powerful analytics and data mining solution on the market, instrumental in helping you identify scaling opportunities.

Scale with 1:1 experiences!

Scale with 1:1 experiences!

Leverage AI and Machine Learning to create truly personalised campaigns for each player.

Scale with self-learning!

Scale with self-learning!

Enter the future of CRM with self-learning capabilities that fully automate your player engagement.

Explore our unified platform

Your productivity toolbox

An all-in-one platform delivering comprehensive iGaming solutions to scale your player engagement. Capture key moments on-site, automate tasks and create meaningful, localised campaigns in minutes. Features that will bring you unprecedented levels of productivity and efficiency.
AI 1:1 Experiences
Leverage the power of AI to Scale your player engagement with hyper-personalised strategies.
AI Content Generation
Save time and resources by using AI to create high-quality messaging and personalised content for your campaigns.
AI Suggestions
Maximise player engagement through AI-driven content suggestions tailored to each user's preferences and behaviour.
AI Campaign Localisation
Cater to a global audience with ease, expanding your reach through automated campaign localisation, and ensuring consistent messaging.
Multi-brand Management
With Player Origins, you can efficiently manage multi-brand campaigns without repeating tasks and benefit from unified reporting.
On-site Engagement
Capture and engage players at crucial moments on your website.
System Messaging
Send transactional messages with ease.
Orchestrate all channels, including the bonus platform, for a seamless experience.
Lifecycle Automation
Streamline onboarding, retention, upselling, churn prevention, and reactivation with automated workflows.
Management Alerts
Stay informed with internal alerts for important moments.
Real-time Data
Access consolidated, actionable data in one central location.
Open Platform
Integrate a wide range of services and tools to meet your unique needs.

Empower your organisation

CRM Teams: Streamline processes and save 60% of your time
Tech Teams: Eliminate backlog with a single, powerful integration
Customer Support Teams: Enhance service quality and boost first contact resolution
BI/Data Teams: Optimise decisions through limitless data capabilities and real-time reports
Management Teams: Boost productivity, save costs, and unlock new capabilities
Product Teams: Bring your vision to life with engaging on-site experiences
Compliance Teams: Ensure robust processes and avoid costly penalties
Responsible Gaming Teams: Establish risk profiles and prioritise player health
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