Fast Track first International Employer to Pilot Women Mentorship Platform Signe

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Malta, 18th January 2024 - Fast Track, a leading CRM provider in the iGaming industry, proudly announces its participation in a first-of-its-kind pilot project with women-focused mentorship platform Signe. The Signe platform aims to connect up-and-coming leaders with experienced mentors to share ideas, offer guidance, and build long-standing, trusted relationships, with the ultimate objective of providing opportunities to power women on their path to leadership positions. 

This unique partnership provides a mutually beneficial opportunity for both Fast Track and Signe. Women at Fast Track have the chance to connect with inspirational mentors from diverse industries, enhancing their professional experiences. In return, Fast Track's experienced SaaS professionals explore Signe's BETA version, offering valuable feedback to improve the platform. 

In industries like tech, where women are underrepresented, mentorship proves crucial for career development. Signe's research reveals that 70% of women view mentoring as a vital career support, with 74% of those with mentors stating they rarely or never feel lost in their careers.

Fast Track is committed to creating a psychologically safe workplace, ensuring equal rights and opportunities for both women and men. Already, 80% of women at Fast Track have tested the Signe platform and started benefitting from mentorship with overwhelming success. 

Commenting on the partnership, Jenny Arnell, Chief People Officer at Fast Track stated "I have long admired the vision and work of the founders behind Signe. Their relentless drive and self-confidence to effect change and make an impact resonates deeply with Fast Track’s core values. Fast Track has been a pioneer in streamlining and digitising an entire industry through its SaaS solutions. At the same time, Signe is dedicated to fostering a more equitable workplace, empowering women to ascend to positions of influence through their mentoring platform. Despite operating in distinct industries, our shared commitment to innovation and impact quickly led to the discovery of a mutually beneficial collaboration in the pilot project, resulting in a win-win-win scenario for both companies."

Jeanna Rutterhill, CEO and co-founder of Signe added ”Since launching Signe in May 2023 we have seen a great response and demand from businesses. We hear from HR directors that this is a great way to reach female mentors, increase diversity, and expand perspectives and competencies. Mentorship for women is in great demand and we know from studies that 70 % of women believe that mentorship is among the most important career support systems available.

We are delighted to run this first pilot with Fast Track which is truly passionate about driving diversity in the tech industry. We are happy to see Jenny Arnell, Chief People Officer of Fast Track leading the change and being an early adopter of Signe and believing in this co-lab.

Simon Lidzén, CEO and co-founder of Fast Track reaffirmed “This collaboration is a step towards shaping a future where different perspectives and voices are given equal space and weight, regardless of gender. With the pilot project, we hope to demonstrate the value of mentorship for women in their careers, and inspire others to identify strategies to further support the women in their organisations."

Commenting about the experience, Rebecka Frisell Cramfelt, Head of User Adoption at Fast Track stated “I have been lucky to connect with an amazing leader 10-15 years ahead of me in her career and she’s been immensely helpful and generous by sharing her wisdom and advice with me. The sessions have been eye-opening, offering me fresh perspectives and tips for both my professional and personal life." 

About Signe 

Signe is created by women, for women. Their SaaS product connects women with ambitions to progress in their careers, with experienced mentors, to share ideas, offer guidance, and potentially build long-standing, trusted relationships. Their product is currently in a BETA version for the B2C market in Sweden.