Wiraya uses data-driven insights to generate the optimum blend of voice, text and mobile messaging to inspire action from your customers.

About Wiraya

Wiraya is a Managed Mobile Customer Activation software that blends voice calls, text and mobile messaging to inspire action from your customers.

Whenever you need your customers to do something, know something, update something, start something, stop something, change something or buy something, Wiraya can help target them at key moments in the lifecycle.

Why we partner with Wiraya

Wiraya provides market leading software for customer activation. They help operators deliver tailored personal messages, in the right channel, at the right time.

We share a vision for automated, personalised experiences for players and through our partnership we are able to offer operators an easier way to achieve this.

Here's how you can benefit

Many operators are working across multiple systems to manage multi-channel campaigns. Our vision is that operators can manage everything from one place.

Our alliance with Wiraya allows you to send SMS messages, automate telephone campaigns and see the results in real-time, all without leaving the Fast Track platform.

Manage SMS from Fast Track

Create and send SMS to your players using Fast Track.

Simply write the message you want to send to your players, add any translations, and when the right moment arrives, we’ll hand it over to Wiraya for delivery.

Accurate and Compliant

Don't worry about compliance; focus on engaging messages.

We take care of adding 'Stop' text every time you send an SMS. Your players will receive the relevant information for their market and you can focus on the content of your messages.

Automated Calling

Automatically update Wiraya contactl ists with Fast Track.

Create campaigns in the Fast Track platform that will automatically add players to calling lists when they meet certain criteria. Wiraya will then work their magic with the appropriate call to get your player to take the action you want, and feed the results back into Fast Track.

Real-time results

View SMS and calling converstion rates in real time.

Having the results in Fast Track also means you can compare the performance of your SMS or calls to other channels and easily perform A/B tests , for example, to see whether SMS or automated calling is more effective.

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