Jojka is an interactive communication platform that helps businesses and organizations efficiently communicate with customers and employees.

About Jojka

Jojka’s vision is to develop and deliver the best tool on the market for SMS-based communication.

They offer businesses and organizations different communication platforms based on SMS to increase profitability and market presence, as well as strengthen relationships with customers and networks.

Why we partner with Jojka

As part of our mission to streamline operational processes, we want to make sure you can manage all your communication channels in one place.

SMS is one of the most popular channels used by iGaming operators to send marketing communications. Jojka’s main focus is SMS delivery in Sweden, one of the biggest markets for online gambling.

Here's how you can benefit

Our alliance with Jojka allows you to send accurate, compliant SMS messages and see the results in real-time, without ever leaving the Fast Track platform.

Manage SMS from Fast Track

Create and send SMS to your players using Fast Track.

Simply write the message you want to send to your players, add any translations, and when the right moment arrives, we’ll hand it over to Jojka for delivery.

Accurate and Compliant

Don't worry about compliance; focus on engaging messages.

We take care of adding 'Stop' text every time you send an SMS. Your players will receive the relevant information for their market and you can focus on the content of your messages.

Real-time results

View send, delivery and converstion rates in real time.

Having the results in Fast Track also means you can compare the performance of your SMS to other channels and easily perform A/B tests , for example, to see whether SMS or email is more effective.

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