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Redefining CRM

No more lists: achieve true automation with one central system. Emails, SMS, Push notifications, bonuses and rewards, gamification, site banners and loyalty programs are services most often housed on separate platforms. FT CRM is a customer engagement platform, with the capability to perform multiple actions from a single activity.

Everything in Real Time

Be there when it happens. The ability to trigger activities in real time is an absolute must if you want to be more relevant, achieve high conversion, and prolong player sessions.

FT CRM - A look under the hood

State of the art tech platform: reliable, scalable and always available.

Fast at heart. A breeze to work with

Efficiency and ease of use will ensure you can achieve great results. Teams working in FT CRM achieve 4–5x more output per resource. FT CRM is the only tool built specifically for iGaming, with a focus on achieving true efficiency and reducing the number of clicks in every part of the work process.

How do we achieve efficiency?

Focus on what matters: Planning and analysis!

Work with the providers of your choice

FT CRM has an unparalleled number of 3rd Party integrations out of the box, and if you are missing something, we can always integrate them for you. It is crucial for success to be able to work with the providers of your choice.

And many more...

Target the player at the right moment, with a relevant offer, in the most receptive channel

Enabling our data models will allow you to set up smart triggers and target the player at the right moment. Switch your focus from historical behaviour to potential future behaviour. What we are currently looking at:



Predict when the player is most likely to return and engage when they deviate from normal behavior.


With only a single day of data we can, with high accuracy, tell how likely the player is to become a VIP.


Predict and get notified if a player is showing unhealthy playing behaviours, and engage RG.


Jackpot Sizes

Monitor network jackpots and automatically fire Activities when reaching certain thresholds.

New Game Releases

Put your game release calendar in to FT CRM and keep your players engaged with minimum work.

Local Paydays

Paydays differs in different markets, be in the moment and ensure you target your player at the right time.

Industry Leaders use FT CRM to support
their entire organisation

A successful integration with FT CRM will not only engage your players, but also your internal teams and systems. Monitor your players In real time and raise internal tickets, send notifications on Slack, generate management reports, and keep an audit trail of everything you do for visibility across teams.

And many more...

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