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Business Intelligence

Identifying where the business is earning or losing money is key to every successful operation. Without being able to follow trends and statistical data it is simply not possible to know where to focus your growth.

At FAST TRACK we have a large number of dashboards to show various KPIs which can be drilled down into to see the hiding underneath the surface. The dashboards are updated in real-time and lets you analyse general statistics and trends based on historical data.

  • Real-time data analytics
  • Drill-down model
  • Multiple KPIs tracked
  • Custom reports


FAST TRACK’s uses a scalable infrastructure that can support both its own ambitious targets for speed and uptime as well as the clients’ ambitious growth targets.

Using the latest technologies from Amazon Web Services, the FAST TRACK infrastructure consists of auto-scaling server clusters, rapid deployment server images, multiple read/write database nodes, layered queue systems, push notifications, real time monitoring, DDoS protection and CDNs, to name a few of the various systems used, a site using Fast Track can scale to any size without compromise.

  • Auto-scaling server and database clusters using AWS
  • High-availability RabbitMQ queue clusters
  • DDoS protection and CDN through CloudFlare



FAST TRACK CRM provides you with the ability to manage, automate and split test all aspects of the customer journey in one place. The tool is built on a live data feed to capture all customer interactions in real time. This is the first casino CRM tool built specifically for iGaming.

Our tool is built in house and designed to scale. The focus has been to do more with less and remove operational bottlenecks. No other tool compares with its user-friendly interface and ability to manage a high-volume multi-lingual campaign agenda.

  • Build on a tested customer life cycle from day one
  • Let your teams work in a more efficient way
  • Test and improve with comprehensive A/B support

Front end

At FAST TRACK, we build front-ends using state-of-the-art technology stack with a strong focus on the customer experience, user interface as well as speed and uptime. Time to market is key. Our working process and infrastructure allows us to iteratively test and improve at great speed. We believe the real work starts after you go live.

We specialise in building bespoke solutions based on the ideas and visions we actively work out together with our partners where FAST TRACK brings its extensive experience and know-how to the table to make recommendations and to help clients avoid future pitfalls. FAST TRACK contributes solutions on every step of the way from ideas, concepts, design and development.

  • State-of-the-art front end technology stack
  • Technologies such as Vue.js, Nodejs, PHP 7, Nginx
  • Focus on user interface and customer experience
  • High standards for speed and stability


In the ever more competitive market space of online casinos, players need to be offered something extraordinary to peak their interest to join a casino and stay loyal. With our partners, we work extensively to find a narrative that is carried throughout the brand, something that players can attach themselves to, and engage with.

Gamification is one of the cornerstones of FAST TRACK sites and comes in many shapes and sizes. Gamification helps our partners stand out in the market and tell their story in a more engaging way. We know that gamification will, when built right, have a significant impact on player loyalty, and thus their life-time value instantly increases.

  • Bespoke gamification solutions
  • Gamification integration with CRM
  • Financial calculations of rewards

Operational Services

FAST TRACK act as growth partners for all our clients. We live and breathe our partners brands on a daily basis. We provide retention management services, implement intelligent CRM lifecycles and create promotional campaigns from conceptualisation to execution. We also provide regular detailed analysis for our partners to make informed decisions over current course and speed.

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