On-site Engagement

Use on-site engagement to take player experience to the next level.

Be there when it happens

  • Take advantage of a rich, live data feed

  • Stand out with on-site engagement

  • Create exceptional player experiences

Are you there for your players in the moments that matter?

While the iGaming industry is a hotbed for exciting technology and innovation, it seems like player engagement has taken a backseat.

When you compare the customer experience of most online gambling sites to other industries like e-commerce, you can see how much opportunity operators are missing.

Players expect the same level of engagement with your brand that they experience in the rest of their online life.

Traditional communication channels still have their place, but you need to engage with your players in real time, while they are on your site or using your app, to stand out.

Fast Track provides the tools you need to implement an effective on-site engagement strategy.

The Fast Track platform runs on a real-time data feed: whatever your player does or experiences on your site, you can set up a relevant engagement that triggers in the right moment.

Explore Opportunities for on-site engagement

Working in real time unlocks exciting opportunities for engaging your players.

Whether you respond with notifications and rewards, or trigger internal messages to start a proactive contact, being responsive to your players will increase retention and life-time value.

Here’s some of the ways you can take advantage of real-time engagement:

Big Win

Congratulate players on big wins

You don’t want your players to feel like you only care when they are losing. Make them feel special by congratulating them on their good luck.

Mystery Reward

Trigger a mystery reward during a run of bad luck

Engage a player with a mystery award the moment their balance falls below a certain threshold, and leave them with a more positive experience.


Notify players when the Red Tiger Jackpot is hot

Let your players know when the jackpot is about to drop and give them a chance to get in on the action!

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