Release Status

Release Date


2nd September 2020


9th September 2020

💜 Lifecycles!

We're introducing Lifecycles to your staging environment. This is a brand new feature to transform the way we work, understand and control automation. Lifecycles comes with 14 pre-defined templates to get you started on the automation journey. Plus the option to build your own lifecycle from scratch.

Lifecycles can be found under the Automation section of the CRM menu.

Lifecycles is available to all users with Activity Manager role access.


Test Email

You can now send a test email from the email preview inside an activity. Insert any recipient email address to receive the test email.

Activity Ordering

Find the newest activities at the top of the list when working inside projects.

Import Actions

Import action groups from existing activities into activities (and lifecycles).

Player Profile

We’ve updated the player profile to display which lifecycles the player is part of and which lifecycle the player has exited.

Service Portal

The service portal has had a facelift and is now mobile-friendly.

Game Round Trigger

The game round trigger now has a win multiplier field. For example; trigger easily on a player win over 100x bet.

Read-Only Role

Assign Read Only roles to give restricted access without the ability to change data.

Bug Fixes

  • Importing email templates from SendGrid works as it should.

  • Shortlinks are now being displayed correctly in the default SMS text.

  • Bonus code is now visible for Credit Bonus action from QA.

  • Loading new templates in the action builder does not require a refresh.

  • Clicking save more than once when saving an activity will no longer create multiple activities.

  • Fix when duplicating action groups and activities and fields now appear in the correct order.

  • The email subject line has been amended to display text as it will appear on the email, not in capital letters.


Some cosmetic updates and minor fixes have also been included.