We will be running the workload on AWS EC2 instances. Amazon offers an option called Spot Instances. This option offers greatly reduced rates of up to 90%. We have implemented support for this as well as making sure we can handle the potential consequences of using Spot Instances.

Spot Instances

This option offers up to 90% cost reduction when compared to on-demand pricing. These Spot Instances represent AWS’s excess capacity which as a cloud provider, they absolutely need to have available for any surges in customer demand. To offset the loss of idle infrastructure, AWS offers this excess capacity at a massive discount to drive usage. However, this discounted pricing comes with the caveat that AWS can “pull the plug” and terminate spot instances with just a 2-minute warning. These interruptions occur when AWS needs to draw from the excess capacity to service customers who purchased reserved instances, Savings Plans, or on-demand instances.

Using with Fast Track

What you as a customer will need to do is to sign up for Connect with the AWS Account you have supplied us and then also invite us to the account. We will then be able to handle all the configurations.