Pusher Channels provides realtime communication between servers, apps and devices. It is used for notifications, chat, gaming, web-page updates, IoT, and many other systems requiring real-time communication.

FT CRM uses Pusher to support a rich inbox and on-site notifications. To get started with these features you need to sign up with Pusher and follow this guide.

Sign up with Pusher:

🔄 Integration

First, log in to your Pusher account: And follow these steps:

Create Channel - Step 1

Google Tag Manager Custom Variable
Google Tag Manager Custom Variable

Create Channel - Step 2

Add prisma-activity-stream-staging or prisma-activity-stream-production as the name:

Supply keys to Fast Track - Step 3

You will need to pass the keys to your Account Manager at Fast Track. The keys can be located in your channel in the tab called App Keys.