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Solutions built specifically for iGaming

Real-time data platform. Consolidate data between all business systems and providers in real time.

The most efficient, capable and accurate engagement platform. One central system to orchestrate external as well as internal systems.

Advanced machine learning available for everyone. Design and build your own prediction models.

The Singularity Model

A new engine designed specifically for building 1:1 experiences.

Configure every aspect of the Singularity Model.

Establish a comprehensive player profile with real-time observations of every action the player makes, and advanced machine learning and computations.

Forget transactional CRM; the Singularity model uses a library of prebuilt content that is ready to go at any time.

Take advantage of a powerful scoring system that hand picks the right piece of content for each player and decides when to engage, which channel to use and how this is communicated through media and text.

AI-Powered Automated Campaigns

Experience the Power of AI-Powered Campaign Generation

Generate multi-channel campaigns, subject lines, A/B testing.

Deliver 1:1 customer experiences with ease.

Reduce cost and improve efficiency.

Focus on innovation and growth, not manual CRM efforts

Unprecedented levels of productivity and efficiency

In-context review for all channels

Seamless campaign localisation into multiple languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and more.

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