The benefits of freeing up your CRM team's time

CRM teams are in a constant battle against deadlines. Campaign execution in particular is both time sensitive and time consuming. Within many iGaming operators, there is a heavy reliance on individuals within these teams to do a lot of manual work in a short time frame.

This may have worked for organisations so far and they might be able to function at a basic level forever without changing. However, they will miss out on the benefits of a team that is working to their full potential and quickly fall behind businesses who shift the focus to freeing up time from execution that can be better spent elsewhere.

So, what happens when you liberate CRM teams and free up time?

Everyone sees the bigger picture

If the bright minds you have carefully selected for your organisation have all their time taken up with execution, how can they look at the bigger picture of what they want to achieve or how they can improve?

Even if there is one person on the team who manages to keep a strategic view, anyone who is solely focused on getting the day-to-day done can quickly lose the sense of direction and purpose behind their work.

You need processes that allow time for planning and reflection. For example, ensuring a real-time data feed is available and can be used to automatically place players in relevant segments rather than requesting lists of those players and manually uploading or updating them.

When your team is able to step back from the “right now” tasks and take some time to reflect on the last campaign and plan the next one, they will have a better understanding of what they are working towards and their role in getting there.

Creativity explodes!

Creativity is a fickle thing; it has to be given its own time and space to flourish. Teams under constant time pressure are never going to be as innovative, forward-thinking or analytical as those who are able to workshop new ideas over a coffee or have an afternoon of quiet focus to get their thoughts down.

When you have systems in place that reduce the time spent on execution, you have more time for the creative process. In our own organisation, some of the wildest thoughts thrown out during workshops have ended up being some of our most memorable initiatives.

We have also seen that our partners are using Fast Track CRM to not only deliver their pre-existing campaigns more efficiently, but to engage their players in entirely new ways thanks to having more time (and capabilities) at their disposal to ideate and experiment.

Create time for the creative process and you won’t be disappointed.

You can work towards automation

Automation is a key part of scaling any operation. However, if your team is solely focused on the next deadline, the next email, the next campaign, there will never be time to take this step.

In order to start automating, you first need to identify where you can introduce solutions that reduce the time spent on execution. For example, centralising the entire workflow into one platform, like Fast Track CRM, to eliminate time wasted moving information between different systems.

Once you have freed up time, it can be used to plan and build the automations that will benefit your team in the long-term (and to allow them to engage in more ideation and analysis now). Yay!

You are prepared to scale

There comes a point where it doesn’t matter how many people you add to your team: if the underlying processes are not efficient and individuals can’t use their time effectively, you will never be able to scale successfully.

We have seen small CRM teams manage to scale up player engagement across multi-brand operations without additional team members. These teams have one thing in common: they started with the process of freeing up time from laborious execution work, and were able to use automation that allowed them to shift focus to creativity and analysis. Providing the right structure, support and solutions to free up your team’s time now will secure your future scalability.

Everyone is happier!

Employing creative minds to do mindless tasks sounds like a recipe for boredom, burnout and goodbyes. Can a team create truly exciting and inspiring experiences for your players if they are not excited and inspired by their work? Probably not.

Creating time for your CRM team to come up with creative ideas, or to dive into the data to see what they can try next, results in a more engaged and driven team. Engaged and driven teams perform better, and happy, high-performing teams benefit your entire organisation. That’s pretty awesome.

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