UniSender is the №1 email and SMS sending service in the CIS region.

About UniSender

Founded in 2008, Unisender has become the number one email and SMS service in the CIS region.

UniSender is used by over 670,000 customers and sends tens of millions emails and SMS messages every day.

Why we partner with UniSender

UniSender is fast and reliable. It’s capable of sending 10 million emails an hour and has an average delivery rate of over 99%.

Our partnership means you can build personalised emails directly in the Fast Track platform and see the results of your email campaigns in real time.

Here's how you can benefit

Working from one place can save you a lot of time! Our Alliance with UniSender means you never have to leave the Fast Track platform to build, send and analyse the results of your emails.

Build new email templates in Fast Track

Add new templates using Fast Track's email template builder.

You don't need to visit UniSender when you want to add or edit templates. You can build new templates and edit existing ones in Fast Track, using HTML or the visual preview. We've also included the ability to manage different template versions.

Live Email Previews

Preview what your player's will see in Fast Track.

When you are creating emails you want to know exactly how they are going to look for your players. In Fast Track’s email builder you can see a live preview of your email, including personalisations, so you know exactly what your player will receive.

Real-time results

Monitor delivery, opens, clicks and conversion in real time.

Viewing these results in Fast Track also allows you to compare to other channels you may have used in the same campaign, or easily check the results of A/B tests.

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