Red Tiger

Red Tiger offers a range of custom Jackpot features across their entire portfolio of games, including their pioneering ‘Daily Jackpots’.

About Red Tiger

Red Tiger is a casino games development company with a portfolio of top performing original video slots and a flexible operator toolkit offering outstanding profit and retention driving capabilities.

The game provider has enriched their game offering with engagement tools such as smart spins, jackpots and tournaments.

Why we partner with Red Tiger

Red Tiger’s games are some of the most popular among players today. The tools they have added to their portfolio present an opportunity to engage your players outside of traditional channels and offers.

Fast Track can receive a live feed of the current jackpot size on any of your Red Tiger games, allowing you to easily set up communications based on real-time jackpot updates.

Here's how you can benefit

Automated Jackpot Alerts

Give your players the chance to play for a big win!

Automate communications when the jackpot reaches a certain size or is close to dropping.

Dynamic Email Banners

Increase anticipation with dynamic email banners.

Players can see the jackpot growing directly from their inbox and head to your site to play.

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