November 5, 2019

FAST TRACK CEO on the need for modern streamlined CRM Tools

“Companies who do not digitalise their operations within the next few years will cease to exist.”

Last month Simon, FAST TRACK co-founder and CEO, spoke to EGR Marketing about how CRM has changed in recent years and how operators can prepare themselves for the future.

Successful businesses understand that they need to make sure that all their systems, platforms and processes work seamlessly together. One of the ways FAST TRACK CRM adds value for its partners is that it can improve working processes across an entire organisation, allowing you to not only engage players across multiple channels but to also notify internal teams of specific events or behaviours.

The ability to trigger engagements in real-time based on an event or pattern of behaviour, alongside a uniquely flexible segmentation model, is a key differentiator for FAST TRACK CRM. It allows operators to create and automate truly personalised experiences that are relevant to their players in key moments.

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